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Janitorial Services

Includes building maintenance for trash and bathrooms for Public & Government Buildings, Churches, & Restaurants

Post Construction Cleaning

is a core function of Walls Cleaning Services. We pick up what the construction team has left and then we clean every surface. A simple process includes

  • Dusting
  • Washing
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing (white glove)

However this simplifies many detailed oriented tasks, such as cleaning out every drawer, cabinet, door hinge, fixture, and window seal. Washing every window and ensuring no tape or paperwork is present; sometimes windows require specialize equipment to reach. Waxing floors to specifications and vacuuming carpets to remove any construction debris are the final pieces. At the end, a Supervisor provides a walk through to ensure all items are completed.

Office and Retail Space Cleaning

Sometimes you just need the trash taking out, the floors moped and/or vacuumed and the bathroom sanitized. A large retail space may include cleanings everyday, while a small office can be weekly or every other week.

Industrial Area Cleaning

A large floor space that requires equipment to clean and maintain, high areas to dust and boxes to break down, plus all the normal janitorial duties. Furthermore, we do not hesitate to obtain the required training or certifications to handle specialize waste or hazardous material as required by your facility.

Event Cleaning 

Walls Cleaning services would be honored to help at your event, be that a Wedding, Birthday, or Graduation.