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Walls Cleaning Service

  • is licensed, insured and bonded.
  • is responsible for all payroll taxes and has workers compensation insurance.
  • completes background checks on all employees
  • completes drug testing on all employees
  • Provides uniforms
  • Provides photo badges
  • Family owned and operated
  • Veteran owned and operated


Tabards and waste coats that fits over employees clothing are acceptable over work clothes if they have the company name and/or logo.

Stitching and embroidering logos is preferred.

Photo Badges

For now, no badges are provided. Eventually, we expect photo ids with the company logo for the client’s verification. The ID will contain the employee’s ID number. A nice to have is a QR code that links to the company site and will validate current employees.


We provide all equipment and supplies; specialty products are used per client’s instruction and provided by the client. Please keep in mind that our employees are trained on our equipment and supplies and we must obtain an Material Sheet Data Sheet or MSDS per OSHA requirements on specialty chemicals and conduct training.


We provide employees with a 2-step Ladder and extensions poles for dusting. Per Insurance and OSHA requirements employees may not use equipment to reach higher objects. Please coordinate with Management on how to proceed.


Pets must be secured in a non work area. This is for the employees and the pets safety. Walls Cleaning Service does not clean up pet excrement, to include litter boxes.

Fire Arms

Please secure firearms prior to our arrival, for example, guns under pillows.

Insects & Pest Infestations

Employees are not trained to dispose of insects and pest properly, please don’t ask them too. Additionally, service may be suspended do to insect infestation and will conclude upon clearance from a Pest Professional. This is to protect employees and clients home and prevent the spreading of Pests.


Alarm Systems

Please provide specifics on how we should or should not use the Alarm System. Alarm Companies may provide a specific code for Walls Cleaning Service employees and we are familiar with their use. Employees are trained to lock the door upon entering a home and will not provide entry to any person(s) other than the owner. This is for the safety of the home owner and the cleaners.


Each Key is provided with a unique identifier and client’s name and addresses are not attached to any key. Employees are to not share the keys or address with anyone without written approval from the client. Keys are secured in a lock box in the office at the end of each shift. The office is secured when not attended. Keys are returned promptly after cessation of service. If you do not provide a key or leave a key unattended at the home (under a rock, etc.) you release Walls Cleaning Services of any liability of theft or damage; we can’t guarantee no one else entered.


Employees do not lift or move heavy objects or furniture, to include mattresses or appliances. Employees do not clean or dispose of vomit, blood, urine or excrement.


Payments for First Time Cleaning are due before we start our first cleaning service of your or business. If you are not available to make payment at the time of service, we will work around your schedule.

We can accept payment over the phone or in person. The Standard Payment for regularly scheduled visits is same day, typically the payment is left on the Kitchen counter top or other designated place in the service agreement. Alternatively you may pay by Credit Card and we will email you an invoice or over the phone.


We schedule work one to two weeks in advance and appreciate any schedule interruption to the service to be forwarded as soon as possible. That being said, things do come up and we’ve implemented the following policies to ensure continuous and quality service.

Cancellation Fee

We require cancellations to be communicated to us 48 hrs (2 full working days) in advance to avoid charges; we hold your spot and decline business to not interrupt your service. Cancellations communicated less than 48 hrs (2 full working days) prior to appointment but more than 24 hours (1 full working day) will be charged $35 per scheduled cleaner. Cancellations communicated less than 24 hours (1 full working day) will be charged the full price for your scheduled cleaning.

Lock Out/Turned Away Fee

If we arrive on our scheduled cleaning day and are turned away at the door or cannot get in, we will charge full price for your scheduled cleaning.

Skipped or Missed Cleaning Visits

Our charges are based on the type of visit you schedule. Weekly rates are for weekly cleanings. Biweekly rates are for biweekly cleanings. If you skip a cleaning, you will be charged the rate for the next frequency of service if it takes additional time to complete your cleaning.

Notify the Office All cancellations must be made by phone to the office. Many times we can accommodate a shift in schedule with some notice, but can not guarantee a specific cleaner.

Solicitation of Staff

By using our services, you agree not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by Walls Cleaning Service for any home-related service. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff, please be advised that our referral fee is $5,000.


Breakage and damage Form

Office Hours: 8-5

1403 Weatherly Plaza, Suite 104
Huntsville, AL 35803

Holidays - No Business Conducted on the following Days

Thanksgiving & Christmas Day